Welcome to summer in Waldesruh in Ybbstaler Alps. Get out into the country to finally experience holiday adventure.

Welcome to the Hotel Waldesruh where your summer vacation is finally becoming a reality. Why not immerse yourself in the coolness of the woods to roam the picturesque valleys of the Alps Ybbstaler and let the feet hang in the mountain streams or splashing about?

Summer at Hotel Waldesruh
Garden in summer
Pool at summertime

Wild Wonders Card

Wild Wonders Card
Adventures with the Wild Wonders Card
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Couple hiking

Free through the summer.

With the Wild Card miracle in the region Ötscher - Hochkar.

The "Wild Wonders Card" applies to about 40 attractions in Mostviertler mountains. These include places Annaberg, Mitterbach, St. Aegyd / Neuwalde, Göstling / Ybbs, Lackenhof Waidhofen / Ybbs, Mariazellerland (Mariazell, Gußwerk, St. . Sebastian) The use of all Wild Wonder deals with two adults and two children can families up to € 1.000, - Save:

This is an advantage when you spend vacation in Waldesruh.!

Wild Wonders Card

Welcome to your summer at the Waldesruh. Here you get the FREE "Wild Card miracle", a card that helps you save them and your family during summer vacation.

Because who wants to discover the many "Wild Wonders" around Ötscher Hochkar Gemeindealpe and Mariazell try to advantage and benefit from the free "Wild Wonders Inclusive Card". It is considered a ticket to many attractions, enjoyment and adventure programs and also to lift rides.

Free through the summer season
Of 1 May 2013 to 27th October 2013 have large and small holiday guests Waldesruh with the Wild Wonder Card "free access to about 40 excursions in and around Göstling Ybbstaler Alps. For example, lift rides on the Hochkar, the Ötscher and Mariazeller Bürgeralpe are just as free as the entrance to the Museum Wilhelmsburger dishes. To buy it, the card anywhere - all guests staying at a "Wild Wonderland hosts" in the Mostviertler mountains or in Mariazell, get this free. And Waldesruh is just such a host, who hands over like this advantage card for your summer!

Splashing and diving
Water without swords with free admission offer numerous Mostviertler baths.

Trot and canter
Who the back of a horse prefers the wet element, can exercise at three different stables in dealing with the noble animals.

Hiking and discover
Nature-loving adventurers can explore the wonders Wild Card free nature.

Summer environment

Relax in the garden
Couple enjoying the nature
pool in the summer time

Summer environment

Between Hochkar Dürrenstein and splashing about the exclusive Waldesruh located for your next vacation.

In this pure mountain air can be carefree days and spend a whole holiday.

Particularly hikers and nature lovers will find on your bill. Long walks and challenging hikes to the hotel from Waldesruh be tackled.